General Hunting

This is the first time in many years we’ve seen such a wide range of North Dakota license fee increases

North Dakota Game & Fish License Fees

Starting about March 15, Game and Fish and its license vendors statewide will start selling the higher 2014-15 North Dakota Game & Fish License that fall under the new fee structure. read more

Pheasant Hunting


Empty Fields

And as concerning as that is I have noticed a very drastic side effect of this forecast, where have all the hunters gone? read more

Grouse Hunting

Game and Fish researchers have been able to put radio-collars on several mountain lions to help obtain information on home range

Game and Fish Department biologists

After an extremely mild winter, pheasant numbers will likely improve from the previous year. read more

Other Upland Birds

watching a good hunting dog work is a truly a thing of beauty

A good hunting dog

While we do not disagree at all that watching a good hunting dog work is a truly a thing of beauty and have plans of our own to buy one in the future read more

Upland Hunting Gear

With the Rod & Rifle Rag, you can keep track of your hunting or fishing history

Rod & Rifle Rag

The Rod and Rifle Rag™ is not a journal. It is a system. It is designed to be flexible and easy to use. There are several components to the Rod and Rifle Rag™ system. read more