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Upland Game Adventures is an authorized direct drop dealer for the Ruff Tough Kennels and Accessories. I am here to help answer any of your questions and help you with ordering. Don’t forget to team your new kennel up with Mud River products either! Order conveniently right here on my Shopify Store. Compare my kennel & cover pricing to Suggested Retail pricing to see your savings!

How Tough is the Ruff Tough Kennel?

The Ruff Tough Kennel was dropped from a height of twelve feet with no noticeable effect. So we kept trying. After four drops the kennel showed only scratches and stains from the concrete and grass. No splits or cracks were evident. The Ruff Tough Kennel was fired at with a full choke charge of number 6’s from about 15 paces. Even to my surprise only a handful of pellets penetrated. The rest buried in the material. I was satisfied that it would provide maximum protection from a few errant pellets in a hunting situation. I am not easily impressed with new equipment but the simplicity of design and quality of manufacturing immediately caught my attention. I’ve owned and used dozens of portable kennels and have always looked for one that could withstand the abuse of trainers, handlers, and guides. Finally, something new that should get dog trainers and hunters excited. Yes it’s a variation on an old theme but, contrary to popular belief, a better mousetrap can be made. That variation is the new Ruff Tough Kennel from Roto Mold, LLC in Tea, South Dakota. Take a look at a few of the many testimonials we have received.


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This Intermediate Ruff Tough Kennel with Mud River Cover make a cozy and safe haven for you hunting dog

This Intermediate Ruff Tough Kennel with Mud River Cover make a cozy and safe haven for your hunting dog

Mud River Products team up nicely with Ruff Tough Kennels


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