(Mortal Calls® Pics Stanard,Sig.,Camo 002

The winner will get this Mortal Calls Box Call

This first week of the contest by posting in the forums will win this hand crafted Turkey Box Call by Mortal Calls.

(Mortal Calls® Pics Stanard,Sig.,Camo 002

Turkey Box Call Sets Hand Signed and Numbered By Thomas Michel

The rules of the contest are simple! Join the newly added forums of Upland Game Adventures and start posting topics or respond to other posts. The more legit posts you make increases your chances of winning. Each post represents once chance your name goes in the hat.

If you are into socializing with other Upland Hunters to discuss the latest news, then Upland Game Adventures is the perfect place for you! I also hope to provide all the latest bird news, conservation organizations, state regulations and news and even season opening news.

If you hear of anything, please feel free to add it too! I will not mind links to other sites to credit them for their articles. I will be very easy going. If you start spamming, I will have to eliminate the post.

Good luck in the coming weeks as the contest continues until I run out of prizes that are donated from the site sponsors. So be sure to visit Mortal Calls and see how well these calls are designed and made. They also donate portions of the sales to a great cause. Uplanders Warehouse is also providing contest winners some great stuff.

Most importantly, have fun using the site and learning a little more about the birds you enjoy hunting or just seeing out and about. The purpose of the site is solely to be your main resource for any upland related topics. Be sure to also check out the latest hunting gear reviews and discussions from others who share their opinions about the products.

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