A vital Grouse and Woodcock Hunting Gear List

Grouse and Woodcock Hunting Gear List:

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Before hitting the woods, be sure to take and use this Grouse and Woodcock Hunting Gear list to ensure you have not forgotten anything on your next hunting trip. Here are some basics and items that may have been missed on your quick your list.

Apparel, Footwear, and Packs

  • Blaze orange cap of your choice
  • Durable hunting shirt
  • Moisture-wicking base layer or long underwear (as needed)
  • Upland hunting coat or vest with blaze orange (as needed)
  • Upland brush pants
  • Upland hunting/hiking boots (Gore Tex)
  • Waterproof hunting boots (as needed)
  • Moisture-wicking socks and sock liners
  • Packable rain gear
  • Sturdy leather belt
  • Upland vest pack
  • Extra set of clothing
A vital Grouse and Woodcock Hunting Gear List

A vital Grouse and Woodcock Hunting Gear List

Shooting, Knives, and Accessories

  • Shotgun and shotshells of your choice
  • Eye protection (e.g. sunglasses or shooting glasses)
  • Shooting gloves
  • Hearing protection
  • Multi-tool or birding knife
  • Choke wrench
  • Optional: Wingshooting field cleaning kit
  • Optional: Binoculars

Packs, Gear, and Essentials

  • Sportman’s first aid kit
  • Survival kit (homemade or store-bought)
  • Headlamp and/or flashlight
  • Hydration bladder and/or water bottles
  • Water purification (e.g. tablets, filter, etc)
  • GPS, map, and compass
  • Batteries
  • Dog gear and first aid kit
  • Plastic bags
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Food (both canine and human)
  • Cooler (for lunch, beverages, and hopefully your quarry)
  • Thermos
  • Optional: Bear bell (highly recommended for extra safety on public land)
  • Optional: Camera
  • Optional: Pen and notebook
  • Optional: Latex gloves for cleaning

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