This is an Intermediate double door where having a door on both ends might be ideal in certain situations

PINK Ruff Tough Kennels

October will soon be here and for every hunter, they will be loading up their dogs and head out to their favorite hunting spots. October also means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month! In order to help bring more awareness, Upland Game Adventures is promoting PINK Ruff Tough Kennels. We will be taking commitments to reach at least 50 kennels to do this special run with Ruff Tough Kennels. They have also agreed to donate to Breast Cancer research.

This is a one time deal. I do not have a photo of a sample pink kennel as they have not been produced. When we hit the magic number of 50 kennels, that will be enough to do the special color in their Roto-Mold process.

This Pink Ruff Tough Kennel is one of many produced for Breast Cancer Awareness

This Pink Ruff Tough Kennel is one of many produced for Breast Cancer Awareness

Only two sizes will be available and only two accessories.

  • Intermediate Single ($250) or Double Door ($260)
  • Large Single ($350) or Double Door ($360)
  • Top Tray ($70)
  • Water Dish ($70)

Note, these prices reflect shipping included anywhere in the lower 48 states.

We don’t have ¬†alot of time to waste. In order to have these special run Pink Ruff Tough Kennels deliver in October, we need to secure orders no later than Sept 14th. This will give them time to produce the crates and accessories and for you to enjoy them yet in October.

Please fill out the form below so we can talley up the quantities. Due Date is Sept 14th!

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  1. We still need about 30 kennels to lock in this special run of Pink Kennels! We have under 48 hours left to go. Click on “Yeah, keep me posted on updates?” right below here to stay tuned with how we turn out!