Today two coyotes were chasing one of our birddogs.

Coyotes Attack – Split Second Decision

Marty Kanupp

Whenever I go out in the wild, I never know what the day may bring…. Today I was faced with a split second decision.

Today two coyotes were chasing one of our birddogs.

Today two coyotes were chasing one of our bird dogs.

Today two coyotes were chasing one of our bird dogs.  Just feet behind her, with his mouth open, seconds from pouncing on her, both coyotes gaining every second….. I had seconds to react, so my gun shouldered with vigor and purpose.  My Franchi rang out the first shot hitting the Alpha coyote, who was in hot pursuit, about to take down the dog (he had his mouth open about to pounce on her). That first shot hit  him hard in the face and knocking him down, the following shot hitting him mid torso and pushing him off the ridge.  I immediately picked up the second coyote and let my shotgun song ring out again.  The first shot striking him hard in the torso (as fur littered the still air), dropping the predator just feet in front of me.  Sue Girl, excited from the shooting, starts to head to the downed killer.  My adrenalin pumping at what’s just taken seconds to play out, I see the second downed coyote pick it’s head up at Sue vastly approaching.  I yell “whoa” at Sue Girl repeatedly with no acknowledgement.  Quickly my reflexes take over again and I shot the fiend a second time dispatching him.

The significance of this true happenstance is 2 fold.  1) it’s always better to eliminate any and all threats as soon as they arise.  True you could wait and see the outcome but are you willing to sacrifice your dog or loved one to do so? Eliminate the threat, my conscience is clean and my remorse is nonexistent.  2) Anything can happen when out in the woods! Be prepared!  I carry a pretty advanced medical kit in my truck, just in case.  This could have gotten bad in sheer seconds.  Don’t be afraid to react and make a decision and stick with it.  If you hesitate you or someone you love could die!

If you have a similar occurrence you’d like to share, be sure to comment below!