Can hunting with drones to capture the hunt be unethical?

Hunting with Drones

More and more it has crossed my mind to check into and see where things stand today with Hunting with Drones. With the latest boom of technology and the use of drones to fly a small GoPro camera around to take images or video, do we draw the line at hunting? I know they are banned from spying on celebrities.

Can hunting with drones to capture the hunt be unethical?

Can hunting with drones to capture the hunt be unethical?

I haven’t done all the research by state and what game and fish does or does not allow, but I have heard that they are banned from being used during hunting. I get that they can be used to scout out and show the lazier hunters where deer are at, etc. Shame on them. But should this be a blanket law that outlaws them completely? For the ethical hunters, why should this take their right away from using them?

For example, before writing this, I wanted to see if anyone had done a drone video of pheasant hunting and found a couple YouTube videos that use them ethically to capture memories of perhaps once in a lifetime hunts.

As you can see, this was a legitimate fair game chase and it can be used in multiple ways when hunting with drones. One being to capture the memory of the hunt. If this was a guided hunt, this would be a value added service by the guide to promote themselves. Another way is for safety education. Most guides typically do a prehunt safety lesson to ensure their clients do not get injured or injure someone else. By showing them this video, it can be invaluable to show their clients how to safely walk the fields with others. I think this video would have done a terrific job at showing how the flankers stayed ahead of the the hunters within the cover.

If you have any input from your home state on the laws for hunting with drones, please comment below and share.


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  1. I followed up with the NDG&F Regional warden supervisor and the Drones are banned in ND from any type of use. So a similar video can not be created in ND.