Is Your Dog a SportDOG?

Week three of the Bird Dogs for Habitat Campaign finds the GSP’s in a neck-and-neck battle with golden retrievers for the top spot. More surprisingly, thanks to GWP’s, the reigning champion Labs are on the outside looking in when it comes to cracking the top three spots.

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Feel like your favorite breed is a longshot to wear the crown? Don’t fret, a PF Dog Life Membership purchase can change things in a hurry.

Not only does a Dog Life Membership count as 500 votes in our Bird Dogs for Habitat Campaign, but you’ll also receive a FREE SportDOG Brand® SportHunter® 1225 E-Collar!

Remember, every vote is a dollar, every dollar is matched five times by our sponsors, and every dollar goes to habitat. That means one Dog Life Membership plus five sponsor matched gifts provides $3,000 for our upland wildlife conservation mission – and the places where bird dogs love to hunt.