Here are some ideas, tips and suggestions when selecting the right upland hunting dog that fits your hunting style and chasing your favorite upland bird species. There are a number of different types of hunting dogs but mainly for upland hunting dogs, there are pointers and flushers. Pointers range from German Shorthair Pointers, Weimaraners, Setters and Spaniels. These breeds of upland hunting dogs range out and when they find a bird, they will stop and hold a steady point. This type of upland hunting dog is very beneficial for hunters. Their point will help the hunter assess the situation, where they can take a safe shot. Young hunters especially benefit from these breeds who become more confident hunting. Flusher style upland hunting dogs are typically Labradors and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. These breeds typically demonstrate short ranging, but unlike pointers, they will typically flush the bird. Regardless of which of these two styles, an upland hunting dog will make any hunting trip well worth every minute. They are truly enjoyable to watch and help make you more successful.

Jax stolen

Jax stolen along with one of the trainers dogs an English Pointer on July 30th 2017.

Jax will be 2 yrs old on Valentine’s Day 2018.

He was pointing and hunting but not doing a good job of retrieving birds. He’d find every one of them but wouldn’t retrieve them. So I sent him to a trainer I knew in TX. A Great guy.

The sheriff department has no leads that they are letting me know of so I am posting pictures of him everywhere I can in hopes of someone spotting him and reporting it.

I really want my dog back.

If I would have even thought he would have been stolen he would have never went to the trainer.

If I get him back I don’t care if he retrieves.

My name is Jeff and my number is 337.322.9446.

Thank you for your help.

Check the pictures below to try to identify Jax and please get back in touch with Jeff. Just consider if this was your dog. 

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