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Which shotgun do your prefer

Which Shotgun Do You Prefer | Upland Game Adventures

We all have our favorite things as hunters but which shotgun do you prefer?

My first shotgun was the classic model 870 Remington. Tried and true, a very dependable gun for any teenager to get started with. This 12 gauge pump style shotgun was used for waterfowl and upland hunting capable of shooting steel loads as well. It allowed me to pile up a few ducks here and there but nothing compared the number of pheasants my yellow lab had the privilege of retrieving.


Which shotgun do your prefer

Which shotgun do your prefer

I personally wanted to become a more traditional upland hunter and wanted to get a double barrel. Open to the idea of either a side by side or over and under, I began my search. Ultimately I found my next gun in the Browning Cynergy, an over/under. Being a late season hunter, I knew they had to stick to a 12 gauge.

If you have a favorite brand and style shotgun, please comment and explain why you prefer one of these styles over another. We’d lover to hear which shotgun you prefer. Comment below!

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